Shinas Vocational College

           To meet the qualitative and quantitative requirements of the labor market. The Directorate continuously endeavors to develop the infrastructure of the vocational college, to ensure that the graduates are capable of performing occupational skills, within up-to-date technologies accompanying the technological progress of public and private sectors` establishments, to achieve the objectives of vocational education and training, qualitatively and quantitavely, via a comprehensive vision and an accurately identified mission and occupational values are capable of encountering the changing circumstances of the society and the labour market in an accelerated manner.


Electrical Engineering

Electronics Engineering


Refrigeration& Air-conditioning Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Wielding& Metal Fabrication Engineering

Business Studies


Electrical Wiring (Housing)

Electrical Wiring (Industrial)

Electronic Instrument Maintenance

Air-conditioning (Housing& Industrial)

Refrigeration (Housing& Industrial)


Universal Mechanic

Industrial Mechanic


Wielding& Metal Fabrication

Marketing & Sale